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Bona Bona Game Lodge is renowned for creating lasting memories

Bona Bona Game Lodge aims to always be at the top end of our game and the hospitality industry. Since 2020 we have renovated, expanded, and upgraded entire areas of our lodge. We want to stay on par with what the industry and guests expect of a 4-star establishment. Our old spa was so famous amongst our guests that we saw the potential to expand this area of our business. Our location in central South Africa and the Northwest province also gave way to a gap in this specific market.

So, we started to conceptualise the idea of building an exceptional spa. Professionals like spa consultants, architects and interior designers were involved in this process.

The site for the spa was an exciting building, the old home of NEP Consulting Engineering. The building had a distinct form with four corridors leading to different areas. The idea of using these corridors as sensory tunnels comes to mind. A sensor tunnel is a space that can provide a low-stress, fun environment for individuals to work through their emotions and reactions to certain stimuli. The human brain’s designed to produce and regulate responses to the body’s sensory experiences — those we see, touch, smell, taste, and hear.

In the Tswana language, Bona Bona means to “look” or “see”; thus, this space will ultimately complete your sensory experience. The four tunnels of Bona Bona SPA will represent the following emotions: Calm, Sooth, Uplift and Vitality. With this concept fixed in our minds, we started the design process.

Bona Bona Game Lodge is renowned for creating lasting memories

How do you turn a square engineering
office into a round spa?

” O die dans van ons Suster!
Eers oor die bergtop loer sy skelm,
Eh haar oge is skaam;
En sy lag saggies.
En van ver af wink sy met die een hand; “

At first, creating a unique spa with an African flavour seemed daunting. The answer lay in the very element that every Spa relies on for the well-being of its visitors: water. Water smooths the jagged edges of the most complex rock, gently carving its sinuous footprint into the landscape.

” Haar armbande blink en haar krale skitter;
Saggies roep sy.
Sy vertel die winde van die dans
En sy nooi hulle uit want, die werf is wyd en die bruilof groot. “

From falling rain to cascading waterfalls, from swirling whirlpools to gently dripping mist – We took our inspiration from all the ways water shapes the earth. This space will celebrate natural elements and their effect on the human soul.

” Die grootwild jaag uit die vlakte,
hulle dam op die bulttop
wyd rek hulle die neusgate en hulle sluk die wind;
en hulle buk, om haar fyn spore op die sand te sien. “

It was essential to engage all the senses. The gentle trickling of water meets the guest upon arrival, and the fragrance of essential oils immediately starts working its magic. The soft curves of the product display guide visitors to the embrace of the reception desk with its irresistible invitation to sweep their hands across hundreds of wooden beads.

” Die kleinvolk diep onder die grond hoor die sleep van haar voete, en hulle
kruip nader en sing saggies:
“Ons Suster! Ons Suster! Jy het gekom! Jy het gekom!” “

Sight, smell and touch are all engaged by sensory tunnels en route to the private treatment rooms. We used specific rhythm and texture to create an otherworldly interlude, preparing guests for a transformative experience.

” En haar krale skud,
en haar koperringe blink in die wegraak van die son.
Op haar voorkop is die vuurpluim van ‘n Berggier;
sy trap van die hoogte; “

Soft, neutral colours and gentle curves calculated according to the golden ratio ease guests’ senses while the views of the veld from the private treatment rooms remind them how close nature is. Glints of copper lend these spaces an air of glamour, while wooden beads and angular relief tiles ground the design in Africa.

” sy sprei haar vaal karos met altwee arms uit;
Die asem van die wind raak weg. “

The play of light on mirror tiles allows sensation showers to echo waterfalls as guests gaze across the pool to the vast expanse of the African sky. The generous proportions of the pool area are by the subtle hug of the curved screen that protects the thermae rooms.

” O, die dans van ons suster!
Die dans van die reën – Eugene Marais “

This expansion will significantly benefit Bona Bona Game Lodge and the local tourism industry. We want to provide the ultimate experience to guests – whether they fly in, drive from town or come for a conference. We offer the whole experience. Our new addition – Veldhaven Spa – will blow you away and leave you breathless. We cannot wait to welcome you to our flagship product!

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